Rules for 3 vs 3 Tournaments

NCAA Rules are applicable in most cases except:

-3 vs 3 on single half court baskets (you can list up to 4 players per roster, but only 3 is needed to field a team)

-All changes of possession must clear the 3 point line.

-Age brackets are as follows:

Garden Grove (under 17, 17-29, 30+)

Laguna Niguel (under 15, 15-24, 25+)

-All genders welcome, players can play up an age bracket, but not down.

-No current professional or Division 1 college basketball players allowed.

-Games are each 10 minutes in length with 25 seconds to hit the rim or lose possession.

-If regulation game ends in a tie, then 1-2 minute overtime will played.  If the score is still tied at the end of overtime, then 3 players from each team will shoot one free throw until one team makes more free throws than the other.

-After each team scores a field goal, the other team will be given possession at the top of the key.

-All shooting and non-shooting fouls/traveling/stuck balls/kicked balls will be reset at the top of the key.

-Half court lines will also be out of bounds.

-Any flagrant foul that is deemed violent is an automatic ejection and forfeit for that team.

-Loud obnoxious profanity will not be allowed.  1st offense in a game is 1 technical free throw for opposing team, then possession reverts to the team that had possession at the time of the infraction. 2nd offense in a game is loss of possession and 3 technical free throws, 3rd offense in a  game is an ejection and forfeit for that team.

-If all 3 players are not available for the game start time, then that team will automatically forfeit.

-All games will be self-officiated (except in the case where a volunteer officiates).  When the games are self officiated and their is a dispute over a call, then the first dispute will be settled by one team shooting a three pointer for possession.  Every subsequent dispute will be decided by alternating possessions similar to a possession arrow.